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Why Advertise on WeAreNetwork?

The WeAreNetwork is a growing force of community-focused and topic-specific sites that connects people with the information, products and services they seek. We drive qualified leads to businesses that serve local and niche markets. By advertising on the WeAreNetwork, you can gain instant access to people searching for what you sell, allowing you to reach more qualified buyers and increase your sales volume.

What Makes WeAreNetwork so Effective?

Visitors to the WeAreNetwork use the search box to look for the products and services you sell. Your business can likely be described by a handful of "key words." By assigning specific key words to your business listing, you gain instant access to a host of qualified consumers who search using those key words. For example, type in the word "cavity" at barrie.wearenetwork.com and a listing of local dentists will instantly appear. As the popularity of WeAreNetwork increases, more and more people are finding our advertisers through the major search engines. For example, go to www.msn.com and search for "Niagara Falls auto dealerships" and you will see the local WeAreNetwork site come up on the first page. We provide consumers with the quality search results they are looking for, and they keep coming back.

What does it cost?

Our site is free to the user. Advertising prices vary by community and many community sites offer specials and package discounts. Additionally, WeAreNetwork offers multiple-site advertising packages. Use the form below to have a representative assist you in determining an advertising package that is right for you.

What if I don't have a site?

No problem! We will make a mini-site for you, displaying an image of your choice, a detailed description about your business along with your listing. This will allow you to promote your business on the Internet without the cost or headache of creating and maintaining your own site.

Who do I contact?

You can sign up online simply by filling out the form below to have a representative contact you.

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